Ask anyone who sets foot into historic downtown Wake Forest. There’s a certain feeling you get about this place. A charming, stylish, soulful kind of edginess with ambience, atmosphere and aura.

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It’s why businesses open up here. Why shoppers come to buy. Why visitors visit.

Those who own stores, restaurants, galleries, boutiques and other businesses know the feeling.

Merchants, managers and employees bring creativity and style in the way they conduct business.

Visitors come to dine, shop and explore a variety of offerings–from artwork, antiques and amenities to coffee, collectibles and croissants.

The vibe intensifies when South White Street closes to roll out the stage for a Friday Night of music, entertainment and fun. When Dirt Day celebrates the great outdoors, classic cars line our streets and the annual Christmas parade winds its way around holiday revelers who come to watch it.

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Joe & Charlotte Deal

Joel & Charlotte Deal in historic downtown Wake Forest.

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Millennial Couple?

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