Deals Feel the Vibe of Downtown

Joel and Charlotte Deal in front of their downtown Wake Forest loft apartment.

Joel and Charlotte Deal met at the coffee shop in historic downtown Wake Forest in 2010 and a few years later were married. Both work downtown and until recently, lived in a loft apartment overlooking South White Street.

“It’s got that big-city feel because you can walk everywhere, but it’s quiet by 9 p.m. which gives it small-town charm,” explains Joel, who moved from Guiton, Georgia.

“I grew up in a similar small town, but this is better. Historic downtown Wake Forest is classy, interesting and progressive all at the same time,” Joel says.

Charlotte was born and raised in Wake Forest and graduated from Wake Forest High School.

“For me, seeing familiar faces everywhere I go is important,” Charlotte says. “We’re active by taking advantage of the nearby parks and greenways. We eat healthier by visiting the downtown farmer’s market every Saturday. And we’re saving money by paying less for rent,” Charlotte adds.

While they now live a few miles from historic downtown due to the recent addition of a puppy, the Deals still frequent White Street and all it has to offer. Both agree that Wake Forest is a special and unique place.

For this millennial couple, #WakeForestVibe is the real deal.