Downtown properties may qualify for grants available through WFD, Inc. to help with qualified renovations:

Façade Improvement Grant

The Façade Improvement Grant (FIG) program is available to existing tenants and/or owners of buildings located in the Renaissance Area of Downtown Wake Forest. The purpose of the grant is to provide financial incentives that will encourage appropriate and attractive improvements to Downtown buildings.

The FIG program is separated into two grant categories: one for larger, more complex projects and one for minor work or urgently needed maintenance. Improvements supported by FIG must be in accordance with the Town’s Appearance Code…
Recipients are required to contribute a minimum of 50 percent of the total cost of the renovations and improvements and will not be reimbursed until the work is completed.

Please note that the Town of Wake Forest does require a Minor Architectural Review Application for exterior renovations and painting.  Visit the following link for the both the Minor and Major Architectural Review Application:

An LED Lighting Grant is available to Downtown businesses for the provision and instillation of lights on building cornices. WFD, Inc. has secured a local electrician who is familiar with the lighting requirements and selected an energy efficient, commercial grade of white light string, which it purchases in bulk to be used on all buildings.

Many Downtown businesses have already taken advantage of the LED Grant, had their lighting installed and used their lights for special nighttime events.

Downtown Micro Grant

A Micro Grant is specifically for small, readily achievable projects. They are intended to encourage immediate improvements to the appearance of downtown buildings. Micro grants will pay up to $250 worth of materials. The applicant is expected to provide labor and any materials over the grant amount. Wake Forest Downtown has six grants annually to give. To be considered for a Micro Grant, the applicant must complete the application, ensuring that the description of the project and list of materials is easily understood.

The Design and Appearance Committee of Wake Forest Downtown Board will review and vote on the application. If approved, Wake Forest Downtown will provide up to $250 worth of materials listed on the application, or reimbursement up to that amount to the applicant after the project is completed (and receipts submitted to WFD).